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Scuba diving regulators are an essential component of your diving equipment, acting as the lifeline between you and your air source underwater.  Graveyard Hunters, Inc. has used gear for sale that has been acquired through trade-ins and purchases.  Prior to selling, all of our regulators are inspected, cleaned, pressure tested, ultrasonically cleaned and overhauled by our technician using original manufacturer’s parts.

All profits go towards our mission and buying gas and maintenance for the Graveyard Hunter dive boat.
ScubaPro MK5/109 Regulator Set

The MK5 is the first regulator to use a steel flow-through piston, offering up to 25% higher performance than any other first stage of the time. It is also the first to feature a swiveling turret.  

Recently fully serviced and ready to dive!
ScubaPro MK20/G250 Regulaotr Set (DIN)

The G250 is designed to provide complete breathing comfort and rugged durability. It remains popular through several different versions, succeeded by the brand new G260 in 2013. In 1996 SCUBAPRO applies space-age technology to the MK20 Ultra Light first stage. Made of a special marine aluminum alloy with a ceramic coating, it weighs 50% less than the brass version.

Recently fully serviced and ready to dive!
Mares MR12/NIKOS Regulator Set
The MR12 first stage is the standard balanced diaphragm design. It is known for it's delivery of a constant intermediate pressure to the hose leading to the second stage.  Since the first stage delivers a constant pressure to the second stage, the second stage can be finely tuned to that pressure and it will breath easily throughout the dive. The MR12 has one high pressure port and five low pressure ports. The Nikos second stage is a no-frills down-stream design, very simple and very reliable.

Recently fully serviced and ready to dive!

TUSA TR400/IMPREX Regulator set

ScubaPro designs it's regulators, but they are manufacturerd by Tabata Corporation.  The Tusa (Tabata USA) Imprex 400 first stage was a Mk 10 clone. It actually shares the same parts and part numbers as the SP Mk 10, and had only minor cosmetic differences. TUSA used the earlier reversible seat, which was more durable and had the advantage of being reversible if one side wore out.

Recently fully serviced and ready to dive!
AquaLung Conshelf/Aquarius Regulator Set

The Aqualung Conshelf SE2 is one of the most reliable regulators that was ever made.  The service parts are easy to find and they're easy to work on (you can adjust the IP with a quarter), and they perform great.

Recently fully serviced and ready to dive!
ScubaPro MK20/R380 Regulator Set

The ScubaPro MK20 first stages have more and better placement of their low-pressure ports than the MK16.  

Recently fully serviced and ready to dive!
ScubaPro MK10/R190 Regulator Set

This is the preferred regulator with a great many divers today The IP. This  MK10 model is in Excellent mechanical condition. It's been cleaned, adjusted and given new 0-rings. It has two high-pressure port and five low on a swivel.  Can be used with Nitrox up to 40%.  This regulator will compete performance wise with most any first stage on the market today....Money wise , this is a very good buy for a first class regulator, ....This is a balanced first stage.. comes as you see it with a dust cap   State of the art then and now...  This is a good buy for a first class regulator.  All brass and stainless steel inside.

Recently fully serviced and ready to dive!
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